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Quick Home Sale TipsThere is no doubt that the housing market, though picking up, is still very slow and if you need to have a quick home sale, we can almost certainly come to your rescue.

Five steps to a quick home sale
Whether you have been waiting for a buyer for a long time and have run out of patience or you need a quick house sale for personal or financial reasons, it makes sense to take the next logical step and come to us.

1. Fill in our simple form and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your next step.
2. If you decide you want to proceed (and we think you will!) we will need to get some basic information from you about your home – how many bedrooms, location etc – so that we can give you a rough estimate of what we can pay.
3. We arrange for a more accurate estimate. We are not fussy about the location of your home – our quick property buyers are interested in homes all over the UK, not excluding the bigger cities such as London, Manchester and Birmingham – or its condition, although both will be reflected in the price we can offer you.
4. If you are happy with our offer, we will process all the necessary paperwork. We pay all of the legal fees and of course because you don’t need and estate agent, there is no hefty percentage to pay there either. So the whole process is free.
5. In a remarkably short time, we will have completed on your home and you will have the money in the bank. You won’t believe how easy it can be to sell your home until you have tried our way!

Quick Home Sale Options
When you need a quick house sale, either because you need to relocate quickly, have another house which you need to move fast to secure or are even facing the threat of repossession, you might feel that you are facing a brick wall.

Estate agents often offer a fast track selling process, but this often simply means a red sticker on the picture of your home in their window and an ad online. People wanting a fast home sale have been sadly disappointed by these methods and in some cases – for example when a fast property sale could have averted serious financial repercussions – the results have been disastrous.

If you come to us for a quick home sale, we can help you within weeks. Usually if you have urgent financial needs, creditors will wait once they know that you have an offer in place from us, so you can see your financial nightmares fade away as soon as we start the ball rolling. Although we are not the only option for a quick home sale, we are the best.

Quick Home Sale UK
Many people have preconceived ideas about offering their house for a quick sale; some believe that it only applies to prime sites in cities and conversely others think it only applies to rural or suburban homes.

Some people think that it is limited by area and a very common misconception is that it is not possible to arrange a fast property sale in Scotland. All of these are erroneous – our cash buyers are interested in properties from anywhere in the UK, including inner cities. Some on our database of quick property buyers are looking for buy to let properties, others specialise in student accommodation and others want to buy somewhere to live for themselves or a family member.

Homes which need some work are a popular choice; homes which in America are known as fixer-uppers are a great investment opportunity for any talented DIYer or builder with some spare capital and we are very interested in those. This is why you needn’t worry if your home needs some work; some of our cash buyers are looking specifically for something to work on before they sell it on or let it.

Quick Home Sale Market Value 
If your home is in poor repair this will reflect on what we can offer you, but for well kept homes in a popular area, our offer can be up 100% of market value – if your home fits the profile of one of our buyers, we are happy to make a generous offer. For many of our buyers speed is as important as price – just like it is for you!

Free Home Sale
Some quick house sale sites on the internet offer money towards solicitors’ fees – we pay the whole thing, so you don’t have to worry about losing part of your payment. Some companies have hidden charges, which can make a serious dent in your final payment, so beware of these.

We also arrange the survey of your property so you don’t have to pay for that either, which is usually the case if you remortgage and there are no set up fees. So, when we say you can sell your home for free, we really mean free.

We don’t bombard you with forms to fill in either. We ask very clearly all we need to know to be able to give you an offer, which is normally within 24 hours. We will need to know about as much about your property as you would need to fill in a solicitors’ search document – if we need any more detail we will ask a surveyor to check for us, so you don’t need to know all sorts of fancy stuff about the state of the drains and guttering.

Things that can make your home difficult to sell, such as disputes with neighbours over boundaries or being in an area not considered very popular don’t matter to us – we have a buyer for every property.

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You may wish to have a look at the following video – but understand that the fastest way to sell your property is to have it presented to a large database of cash property buyers.

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