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Sell Your House FastThe housing market at the moment is very slow and all sellers must be prepared for a long wait before a sale is finally arranged.

For a fast house sale, sellers have to be able to offer something very out of the ordinary and sadly, with so many properties on the market, it is hard to come up with a unique selling point that will make sure that prospective buyers come to your door and no one else’s. Even people keen to buy are looking at the long term and need to know that your house is energy efficient and well maintained as they are concerned that they will be unable to keep up with the rising cost of being a home owner.

How to Get a Quick Sale in Today’s Market

Many estate agents advise clients who want a quick home sale to have an ‘open day’ and whilst these can be successful it is just as likely that at the end of a very stressful event, you still don’t have a buyer but you have spent money you probably can’t afford on providing drinks and nibbles.

It is at this point, when a sale is essential for a number of reasons, that people go to their computer and type in ‘fast property buyers’ and this is where we come in. We can make a cash offer for any UK home within 24 hours and so your dreams that you might sell your house quickly can come true.

National Homebuyers

At the peak of the property boom, houses were known to sell on the day they hit the market. In those days there was no need for any internet searches for ‘cash buyers of properties’ – houses for sale were scarcer than buyers and even cash buyers often had to make several offers before they found a home. Gazumping was rife, with people making offers over the heads of other buyers, even after contracts had been signed and for a while, no-one had to worry about how fast their home would sell. Nowadays, many people are left wondering whether their house will sell at all.

Estate agents are now very wary of people who come in and say ‘I need to sell my house fast.’ They know that anyone who puts their home on the market intending to sit and wait is possibly doomed to disappointment.

If you need a quick home sale because you are in financial difficulties or because you need to release funds from a home you have been left in a will and other beneficiaries need their share, or a number of other reasons, pleasant and not so pleasant, waiting for a property buyer to come along in the fullness of time is not an option. You ask your internet search engine ‘Can I sell my house quick?’ and we say: Yes!

Sell My House Fast

Your internet search may be more specific; you may enter ‘London Property Buyers’ – our answer will be the same. We buy any house, in any UK location and in any condition. You will have an offer within 24 hours and if you are satisfied with it, everything can be put in motion then and there and you can have your cash (and an end to your worries) very quickly.

If you need to sell house, fast, there is no better route to take. If you are getting stressed about how long you can carry on making payments on your mortgage and you feel repossession is the next step, then stop worrying now. We have a portfolio of international property buyers and can offer cash for homes instantly.

Quick Property Sale

Be careful when you search ‘how to sell my property fast’ online because there are a number of companies out there who are not as scrupulous as we are. We believe in total transparency and we love to keep in touch. We can give you a rough estimate when we speak to you on the phone, but we always visit the property for an accurate estimate before we make our offer, which can be as high as 90% of market value.

If you have heard of companies who give offers based on what are called ‘drive-by’ surveys, don’t worry – that is definitely not how we do business. We may be able to arrange a rent-back agreement when we buy your home; ask us when you ring if this is possible in your case. Many people need to sell their home quickly but don’t want to move. If this is you, then don’t worry; we can still help you.

We Buy Any House

If you have been struggling to sell your home, you may be getting a bit fed up. If you need a quick sale because of divorce, redundancy, a bereavement or financial difficulties, you could even become very stressed and this can make you ill. If you are having sleepless nights through worry, this means that trying to put your life back on track becomes even more difficult and everything becomes a bit of a vicious circle.

We can help you out of this spiral and let you get on with the rest of your life, because we buy any house. It doesn’t matter what condition it is in, where it is located (as long as it is in the UK) – we will make you an offer, within 24 hours of our survey. The sale can then be completed in a matter of weeks.

We don’t have many rules and regulations,  a quicker sale is achieved if you supply the information we request in a timely manner.  Other than that, if you want to sell your home quickly, we want to buy it.

The following video is courtesy of Right Move, UK’s number one  website for properties for sale and to rent. Check it out and then contact us if you need to a quick house sale.

This service is provided by The Property Buying Group.

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